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How to Choose Torsion Springs

04/02/2015 Back To Blog

How difficult can it be to choose a new torsion spring garage door system? Well, it would depend on your knowledge. Not your knowledge of springs but your knowledge of the overhead door. These days, the only thing you need to know is the weight and size of your door. After all, springs are chosen based on these characteristics. They have differences just to meet these criteria. If the wrong size torsion spring would be chosen, it won't have enough power to move your heavy door. So, attention is required.How to Choose Torsion Springs


You don't have to learn details about garage door springs and which features make them weak. By just knowing the characteristics of the door, you can order new springs. Though, if you want to be sure that the right springs are delivered to you, it's helpful to know just enough about torsion springs in order for you to avoid mistakes.


Check their end parts


Torsion springs are distinguished by their overall size, how thick their coils are, the inside diameter among them and their length. Though, they also have different ends. If you see the existing torsion spring at your home, you will notice that it goes around a metal shaft. The shaft connects with the garage door cable drums at both sides but the spring is connected with a stationary cone at one side and a winding cone at the other side.


The stationary cone will keep the spring from moving and will be in a different color depending on whether it is for right or left wind springs. Right wind torsion springs are placed at the left side of the door and the other end is red. Left wind torsion springs are placed at the right side of the door and the other side is black. So, make sure the right color is chosen depending on where you will put your overhead door springs.

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