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For many years now, our company has been able to provide quality services for all your garage doors and garage door openers. Offering exceptional services for all your door needs, all our technicians have been trained to provide the most reliable and cost efficient solutions for any problems you might have. We excel in installations as well as providing replacement parts for all your door parts. We carry only the best door parts from the top leading brands. This is why we are certain that you will only be able to get the best service. Our technicians make it a point to check all your door parts to ensure that they are in good running order before they leave the premises. In fact, they will not leave your home unless they have ascertained that all their repairs and installations are working well.

Overhead Garage Door Repairs Are Our Specialty

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Garage Door Concerns Gone

I thought that my Liftmaster needed to be checked since it would get stuck once in a while when opening or closing. Garage Door Repair Hopkins did the installation years ago and I believe they did a great job, so I decided to call them again for this concern. Since I had to take care of some things at my office, I requested to have the garage door service scheduled on a specific time and date. They were nice enough to do the repair on the schedule most convenient for me, which was really appreciated. My garage door is now as good as new.

Efficient Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Repair Hopkins had always been my go to company for all my garage door concerns. They were the ones who did the installation of my garage door and they also do the maintenance. They just recently performed a scheduled maintenance of my door. I have been hiring them for years and they always deliver the same nice, friendly and efficient service they have at the beginning. The technician called before going to my place to remind me about the maintenance. He was there on time and got everything he needed ready to do his job. Thanks to them, my door is always in top condition.

Replaced our Broken Springs

My husband and I moved into a new home, and having a garage was a whole new thing for us so we didn't know the door's condition wasn't all that good. That is until last week we heard a loud "bang" coming from the garage. We saw a broken part, and the door wouldn't open. We called Garage Door Repair in Hopkins after looking up online, and they sent someone right away. He told us we had a broken torsion spring, and got straight to work. He replaced the other spring as well, and lubricated some of the parts. We both were very impressed with the work, and the door is working perfectly fine now. Great service through and through!

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